Company Information

Welcome to our Web Site, the purpose of which is to inform you when and where I have dinghy and mast carrying trailers moving to and from within the UK and Europe.

The diary facility at the top of the page will show you where I am on any given date, you can then contact me to arrange any additional add ons etc...

The diary is fully updated even when on the move, so you can be assured that all information is correct and up to date.

I have been moving racing dinghys since 1988 on a part time basis, but now Harriet and Jacob have grown more independent I am able to devote more time to the trailer operation.


I can deliver dinghys on their own trolleys & carry road trailers

Deliver masts upto 50feet in length

Deliver, wait, and then bring back upto 18 boats from European sailing venues - Lake Garda - Lake Como - Lagos - Laredo - Travamende - St Moritz

Helm & Crews take advantage of cheap flights to nearby airports, you arrive stress free with your boats waiting for you.

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